Thursday, January 3, 2013

E&Minator Medical Coding App | Medical App Review

E and M inator medical coding app for the iPhone
E&Minator is a full featured E&M coding app for iOS developed by Healthcare Value, Inc to meet the daily coding needs of physicians.

E&Minator is probably the best E&M coding app for iOS on the market. 

E&Minator includes Risk Based Coding, time based coding, and critical care.

These features make this app powerful and easy to use, allowing the determination of an appropriate coding level in less than a minute.  This high efficiency app will have you coding correctly in less time than it took to learn how to use Epocrates to check for drug interactions on your iPhone! 

The reviewer used this app to code some 170 inpatient encounters, without any difficulty or identification of any shortcomings in the application.

E&Minator is an excellent tool for anyone learning to code for E&M services or who wants to be certain they are coding the most appropriate level for the services they are providing.  This app can effectively replace hours of physician coding training, and the knowledge can be applied immediately.

Key features
  • A Coding app by physicians for physicians
  • Takes minutes to learn
  • Critical care billing
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent user interface
  • Cost effective.  Just $34.99 instead of thousands of dollars for coding courses!

Target audience
  • Attending physicians who bill for E&M services
  • Residents who want to learn proper documentation  
  • No Trailblazer MDM