Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Medical App Review - UpToDate

UpToDate for iOS is an essential medical app for on the go physicians like hospitalists.

UpToDate looks great on an iPad, and is easier to read with the larger screen.

The ability to search for information on drugs, diagnosis, and treatment at the point of care is essential when providing medical care for complex patients - and this app delivers!

Additionally, UpToDate allows you to earn CME at the rate of 0.5 hours of AMA Category 1 credit per search.  Most physicians can earn an entire year's worth of CME with this app alone.

The only downside to this app is the cost of an UpToDate subscription, but when viewed in light of the CME, it is a bargain.

UpToDate - UpToDate, Inc.

Find clinical answers at the point of care or anywhere you need them! Now you can access UpToDate's® current, synthesized clinical information — including evidence-based recommendations — quickly and easily on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Medical App Review - ACP Immunization Advisor

ACP Immunization Advisor is a free app for the iPhone and iPad that delivers the latest immunization recommendations from the American College of Physicians (ACP).

Immunization Advisor is an easy to use and professional quality medical app.

Immunization Advisor is an excellent and authoritative resource for any healthcare professional with an iOS device.

ACP Immunization Advisor - American College of Physicians

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Medical App Review: Healthcare Blue Book - Prices for medical services

Healthcare Blue Book is a free medical app developed by CareOperative LLC.  This app lists price ranges and a localized "fair price" for common medical tests, procedures, and physician services.

For example, the Medicare Facility Limiting Price for a high level initial inpatient visit (CPT 99223) is $213 (national base rate).

The Healthcare Blue Book indicates that the fair price for the same service is $333 for my local area.

This app is by no means comprehensive, but it is an interesting tool to evaluate medical costs - making it useful for patients, students, residents, and anyone who would like to learn more about the costs of healthcare services.

Healthcare Blue Book - CareOperative, LLC