Thursday, August 26, 2010

LaboratoryGear Medical - iPhone App Review

LaboratoryGear Medical, by Med Gears, is a fast and easy to use iPhone app that includes detailed information on over 250 common laboratory tests.

Lab tests can be found by search, browsing by organ system, and specimen source (blood, urine, CSF, etc.).  A favorites list can also be created for commonly reviewed lab tests.

Each lab test entry includes information on the reference range (sometimes known as the "normal" range) for the test, a differential diagnosis for test abnormalities, and a description of the utility of the test.  Switching from US to SI units is quick and easy.

As an internal medicine hospitalist, I found myself using LaboratoryGear Medical 1-2 times per day, and I was able to answer my questions very quickly.  It is a great asset on teaching rounds with the students and residents.

LaboratoryGear Medical is an easy to use application that will be useful for medical students, residents, and attending physicians.

LaboratoryGear Medical is available in the iTunes App Store and costs $1.99.

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I think this is really good but I have a question about it. Do any of these applications have a normal value section for CSF, Urine or are they only for blood?