Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pillboxer for iPhone - personal medication log

Pillboxer brings a virtual pillbox, with a database of some 11,000 FDA approved medications for easy data entry, to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Key Features
  • Mobile, digital medication list
  • Quick data entry from built in database
  • Pill identification photos (Nice!)
  • Medication compliance log
The only "missing feature" is a truly functional medication reminder alert. The medication reminder alert only functions if Pillboxer is active due to restrictions on application behavior on the iPhone.

Pillboxer is available from the Appstore.


Warren said...

There is no such app in the iTunes App Store. I searched US, Canada, and UK. Nothing.

e-MedTools said...

Thanks for reporting that Pillboxer is no longer in the iTunes AppStore.

The Pillboxer website is still operational at

We sent them an email for an update on the status of Pillboxer.

Rizwan ali said...

nice posting thanks for sharing