Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pillboxer for iPhone - personal medication log

Pillboxer brings a virtual pillbox, with a database of some 11,000 FDA approved medications for easy data entry, to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Key Features
  • Mobile, digital medication list
  • Quick data entry from built in database
  • Pill identification photos (Nice!)
  • Medication compliance log
The only "missing feature" is a truly functional medication reminder alert. The medication reminder alert only functions if Pillboxer is active due to restrictions on application behavior on the iPhone.

Pillboxer is available from the Appstore.

PEPID ED Platinum for iPhone

PEPID ED Platinum brings the vast and well known PEPID database to the iPhone and iPod Touch via a wireless internet connection. A comprehensive (and much easier to carry than a textbook) mobile reference for the emergency department.

Key Features
  • Differential Diagnosis Generator (great for students)
  • Drug Database w/drug interaction check
  • Laboratory manual
  • Medical calculators

  • Cost - $239.95 for one year of use
  • Need for wireless internet to access content
  • Not in the AppStore
PEPID ED Platinum can be purchased here.

PEPID is also available for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and PalmOS.


Lexi-Drugs & Lexi-Interact for the iPhone

Lexicomp has released an iPhone/iPod Touch version of the well known Lexi-Drugs and Lexi-Interact pharmacology references. As always, the LexiComp products provide highly detailed and comprehensive information about drugs and drug interactions. The format is easy to use, and great for any pharmacist or other health care practioner who wants a comprehensive point of care pharmacology reference.

Price is the only drawback at $119.99 per user.