Monday, March 9, 2009

iPhone Medical Calcualtor Useability Poll

Our nonscientific iPhone Medical Calculator Useability poll is complete.

The Results - Figure 1.


As you can see, this study to determine which iPhone Medical Calculator is the easiest to use is limited because (think of this in the best journal club tradition....)

  • No control group
  • Small number of respondents (n = 18)
  • Only visitors to MedicaliPhone could vote
  • All options for iPhone medical calculators are not included
  • No statistical significance (alas, no p values)
  • Not published in a peer reviewed journal
To address these limitations, a follow up study will be conducted. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your poll sure would not have survived journal club at my med school!

Medical Smartphones said...

The big question is: have people really tried all these different calculators? Or, are they simply rating their own experience using one calculator?