Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The iPhone in Dentistry

The iPhone in Dentistry

by William Jackson, DDS

The next-generation of communication and collaboration tools has finally reached dentistry in a meaningful way via the iPhone. Through the use of the iPhone and web-based clinical and practice management software, dentists can manage electronic communications, share and publish information, and stay connected while on the go.

Planet DDS, the industry leader for web-based dental software, has recently created an interface with the iPhone. From the iPhone, a dentist can remotely:

  • View basic patient demographic information
  • View health history and treatment history
  • View and send any stored digitized images, like x-rays
  • Review prescription history
  • Send e-prescriptions
  • See appointment schedules
  • See any dental insurance information
  • View billing status and patient balances
  • Run and view thousands of reports

Planet DDS customers have found these capabilities especially useful when receiving away-from-the-office emergency calls. Dental x-rays, as opposed to most medical x-rays, are typically small enough to be seen easily on the iPhone. Also, the common result of an emergency call is the prescribing of medication. With the iPhone, this is made much safer and because of the access to health and prescription history, and it is much easier because of the immediate communication capabilities of sending an e-prescription.

One can only imagine how mobile communications will improve healthcare delivery as information storage moves beyond paper, becomes more standardized and available, and as bandwidth issues get less and less. As we move toward that inevitable future, companies like Planet DDS will help speed the transitions by offering services that deliver immediate value to both doctor and patient.

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